RPW Column: Sammy Martz Jr.’s Planning A Big ’23 Season With Three Rides In His Arsenal

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – OAKS, PA – Sammy Martz Jr. made the successful transition into Spec 358 Racing in 2022.

For ’23, Martz has an arsenal of equipment and rides and is planning an assault on Northeast dirt race tracks.

This writer sat down with Sammy Jr. on Friday to learn about his exciting plans for ’23.

Sammy Martz Jr. had a beautifully prepared IZZI Trucking and Rigging #24 Bicknell Spec 358 Modified sitting in the DMI Bulldog Rear Booth at the Pioneer Pole Building Motorsports Racecar & Trade Show. Also making it’s debut at the show was a brand new Speedway Entertainment Washington Collision Center owned #24 Speedstr that was front and center in the Action Track USA booth.

Sammy Martz is one of those young guns in the sport and will certainly carving out career as one of the Northeast Top Modified drivers soon. Sammy has a huge season planned with the Modified, Speedstr and also a Rich Maquire Washington Collision Center owned wingless 600 Micro Sprint.

The Spec 358 Bicknell Modified season and track is currently open. Sammy and his father Sam Martz Sr. are still weighing their options on where you can find them racing each week. They hope to make a final decision in the coming weeks on where the Martz family team will call home for Saturday nights.

Sammy Jr. has Big Block powerplant at the team shop and will do some traveling as time permits during the season. The Brett Deyo Short Track Super Series South Region & ELITE races are attractive to the team and will hit when time permits for the team.

Sammy Jr. has his eyes on the Orange County Fair Speedway Eastern States Weekend in ’23 with a Big Block Modified and will be looking at some other additional higher paying events as the season progresses.

The Washington Collision 600 #24 Micro Sprint and #24 Speedstr will see a full schedule of Action Track USA competition. The team will look to take the Speedstr to Thursday Night Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Speedway action this season. Sammy Jr. is looking forward to racing the Speedstr at Bridgeport as well when the shows are scheduled.

Sammy Jr. was alone at the show this year, His father who is always at his side was home caring for his wife, Chris Martz who is recovering from surgery. If you know the Martz family, It is a true family race team. Chris is recovering and doing well in that recovery. All positive wishes for a quick recovery to Chris.

Sammy’s #24 Modified is always well supported by marketing partners. IZZI Trucking and Rigging, JOY Auto Parts, Perone’s Auto Service Inc., Moose Wraps, DMI, APS Powder Coating, Precision Hydraulic and Oil, Washington Collision Center, Forever Flowers, Experimental Machine and Tool, Bicknell Racing Products, and Rodata Trucking and Excavating.

The #24 600 Micro Sprint and Speedstr will have similar marketing support from RM Lawn Care, Scottie Lettering, IZZI Trucking and Rigging, Rodata Trucking and Excavating and Washington Collision Center.

Sammy shared that Sublmtd has provided some new support to him, check out their new line of products. Sublmtd is on the web and Facebook.

The Sammy Martz Jr. race team has a wealth of shop and track support. Sammy shared that he would not be successful without the great help from so many friend. The team consists of Izzy, Pop, Todd, Snap-On Ryan, John, Jarrett, Dan, Ted and Connor. Connor and Sammy Jr. handle the wraps for the cars. Moose Wraps does all of the printing work and Connor and Sammy Jr. lay down the great work on these 3 machines.

This is a team to watch in ’23 – Bridgeport, New Egypt Speedway, Orange County, Action Track USA, or Bloomsburg – Keep a watch out for Sammy Jr. in the 24’s and Sam Martz Sr. in the 3’s.

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