RPW Column: Walking The Aisleways At The Motorsports Racecar & Trade Show

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – OAKS, PA – It is the ultimate off-season indoor race car and trade show in the Northeast – The Len Sammons, Area Auto Racing News Motorsports Racecar and Trade Show presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings.

The ’23 edition of the show was a celebration of Billy Pauch Sr. and his career. As you entered the show the walls of Building that houses the stage were displayed with Pauch career walls. The banners displayed photos celebrating the historic career of Billy Pauch Sr. 3-Pauch Sr. original race cars were on display – The Rookie Modified #15, The Sonny Dornberger #99 and The Keystone Racing #126 were showcased next to the stage.

The Friday Night showplace was the stage. From 630p to 800p the show a interview season with some of the legends of the sport all discussing Billy Pauch Sr.’s impact on the sport. Glenn Fitzcharles, Billy Pauch Sr., Fred Rahmer, Jimmy Horton, Sammy Beavers and Wade Hendrickson. The stories shared from this group were outstanding should be shared to YouTube if given the opportunity.

The annual Ms. Motorsport pageant contest is held each year on Friday night and packed the hall. Slingshot racer Lindsey Garl is your ’23 Ms. Motorsports and she will do an amazing job this as a representative of the sport. Lindsey has grown up in the sport, her family has raced for years in the sport. She was a perfect choice to represent the sport all year. Morgan Rochelle-Bealer gave a wonderful sendoff from her ’22 tenure.

Pioneer Pole Buildings and Bob Hilbert Sportswear are front and center at the Show. The Pioneer booth showcased new cars for Billy Pauch Jr., Craig Von Dohren, Freddie Rahmer, Kevin Hirthler, Brett Bieber, Cole Zangll and Trevor Kobylarz. The Bob Hilbert showcased the Logan and Ryan Watt Modifieds along with Kramer Williamson Pink Panther Sprint Car. The flamed Billy Pauch Jr. #1 was a popular spot all weekend with fans.

Brett Deyo had a huge impact at the show with displays for Georgetown Speedway and the Short Track Super Series. Georgetown Speedway showcased the Ross Robinson #7 Super Late Model. The Short Track Super Series had Joe Toth’s Bill Tanner Retro #917 Modified and BDR Speed #20 Modified of David Schilling.

Action Track USA Kutztown, PA had Sammy Martz Jr. #24 Speedstr, #22A 600 Micro Sprint of Adrianna Delliponti, and the Lilly Esterly #1 Junior Slingshot. Toby Jr. was proudly showing the new all electric Slingshot. This car is an amazing piece and will be the future of racing.

Bridgeport Motorsports Park showcased the Ryan Godown #24, Barber #99 600 Micro Sprint and the E-Z Work Trucks #2 CJ Fasion Sprint Car

The Hoosier Tire Atlantic Three Quarter Midget Racing Association had the championship TQ #22 of Kyle Taraska.

The Insinger Racing Fuels booth showcased the brand new Beacon Building Products Shaker Motorsports Bicknell #20 of Rick Laubach.

The New Egypt Speedway with new management team in place had plenty of activity all weekend. The Brandon Grosso #32 Modified

The Bicknell Racing Products had a large booth talking with customers all day. Willie Osmun’s Premio Sausage Black Horse Racing #81 Modified was front and center in the booth.

The Dig Race Shocks had a booth that featured Tanner VanDoren’s J.P. Adamsky’s new #22 Big Block Modified

Super DIRTcar had a display and trailer with merch for sale. Mad Max had his HBR #8h FX Caprara Modified on display. Fans were able to race the World Of Outlaws video game in a sim setup in the DIRTcar booth.

The Atlantic City Indoor Race had a booth with the Matt Roselli #98 TQ looking for fans to hit the event next week in AC. January 27th and 28th.

The American Race Cup had booth displaying the Modifieds of Danny Creeden & Ryan Godown.

The USAC East Coast Club had a booth showcasing the Joey Amantea and Briggs Danner #5g Sprint Car. Word on the show floor was that Briggs Danner is moving to the Hogue #39 for ’23. No word on who will pilot the Heffner ride in ’23.

Precision Hydraulic and Oil was showcasing the new James Blewett asphalt modified #76. The future of the sport is loaded with young guns, James is another of the bright kids coming to wheel race cars.

Sammy Martz Jr. had his new #24 Modified showcased in the DMI Booth.

The Coastal Race Parts & Big Spring Car Wash #13 Sprint Car of Justin Peck was in a booth.

DA’S Auto Body and Danny Pizza Pizzazz booth had the beautiful blue #37 602 Sportsman of Brian Papiez. The blue paint on this car is off the charts. Look for Brian to make Bridgeport Motorsports Park home again in ’23.

The URC Club had a booth showcasing the 360 Sprint Car of #669 Brandon McGough

Hyper Racing had a display that featured Christian Bruno’s EVO Injection #5 600 Micro Sprint.

Area Auto Racing News had a booth showing Andrew Krause Supreme Mfg. #27 Pavement Modified.

Vintage Racing Fans were treated for the 1st time in viewing the Fred Kennedy Fred’s Trailer Repair / Quality Auto Body East Windsor Speedway #89 Sprint Car Chassied Modified. The car was recently restored and this was the debut of the restoration. This car was outlawed after a few races.

If you are looking to see photos from the Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports Racecar and Trade Show head over the Steve Sabo SDS Photography page on Facebook or his galleries on this site. Steve is one of the Race Pro Weekly featured photographers and his work is considered some of the best in the industry.

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